Language Documentation and Description Volume 17 published

EL Publishing is delighted to announce the publication of its 17th volume of Language Documentation and Description, edited by Peter K. Austin. LDD 17 contains 16 papers (totalling 185 pages) and includes 12 papers in the Language Snapshots series and one in the Language Contexts series. All the papers have been double-blind peer refereed and are available as full open access under a creative commons licence.

The papers in this volume are:

  • Lawrence A. Reid — Calquing structure: how to say ‘the’ in Isinay, Philippines
  • Laura Arnold — Four undocumented languages of Raja Ampat, West Papua, Indonesia
  • Zubair Torwali — Countering the challenges of globalization faced by endangered languages of North Pakistan
  • Qandeel Hussain & Jeff Mielke — Kalasha (Pakistan) – Language Snapshot
  • Deepmoni Kakoty — Tai Aiton (Assam, India) – Language Snapshot
  • Monali Longmailai, Anita Langthasa, Udipta Saikia, Lucky Talukdar, Rinky Boruah & Basanta Tanti — Western Rengma (Karbi Anglong, India) – Language Snapshot
  • Maria Kristina Gallego — Ibatan of Babuyan Claro (Philippines) – Language Contexts
  • Renger van Dasselaar — Binumarien (Eastern Highlands, Papua New Guinea) – Language Snapshot
  • Maya K. Barzilai & Nubantood Khalil — Nobiin (Egypt, Sudan) – Language Snapshot
  • Florian Lionnet — Kulaale (Chad) – Language Snapshot
  • Caroline de Dear, Francesco Possemato & Joe Blythe — Gija (East Kimberley, Western Australia) – Language Snapshot
  • Josua Dahmen, Francesco Possemato & Joe Blythe — Jaru (Australia) – Language Snapshot
  • Ivette S. Gonzalez — Paipai (Baja California, Mexico) – Language Snapshot
  • Nilton Hitotuzi, Wilson de Lima Silva & Onésimo Martins de Castro — Zo’é (Brazil) – Language Snapshot
  • Jorge Labrada, Tiago Chacon & Francia Medina — Arutani (Venezuela and Brazil) – Language Snapshot
  • Olle Kejonen — North Saami, Čohkkiras variety (Sweden, Norway) – Language Snapshot

We are currently working on two forthcoming volumes of LDD, to be published in 2020 and 2021.