EL Publishing annual activity report August 2017

The past year has been a busy time for EL Publishing. Our most recent publication was Language Documentation and Description volume 14, a special collection guest-edited by Wesley Y. Leonard and Haley De Korne focusing on language reclamation and revitalisation.

Our range of publications includes Language Documentation and Description, a double-blind peer-reviewed open access electronic and print journal, as well as multimedia and monographs, all on themes related to the documentation, description and support of endangered languages. In August 2017 we began a new series within LDD called Language Contexts that deals with social and cultural contexts of endangered languages.

We launched EL Publishing in July 2014 with the release of 132 papers comprising the first 11 volumes of Language Documentation and Description. Since then we have published:

  • Language Documentation and Description Volume 12 (LDD12), edited by David Nathan and Peter K. Austin — 12 papers on language documentation and archiving
  • Language Documentation and Description Volume 13 (LDD13) — papers on issues in language documentation and description with a focus on linguistic history and philology, plus the first Language Contexts paper on Syuba, Nepal
  • Language, Land & Song: Studies in honour of Luise Hercus (LLS), edited by Peter K. Austin, Harold Koch and Jane Simpson — a collection of 37 inter-disciplinary research papers, primarily relating to Indigenous Australia, in honour of Luise Hercus, who turned 90 in January 2016 and has been a leading figure in the documentation of Australian Indigenous languages for more than 55 years
  • Language Documentation and Description Volume 14 (LDD14), edited by Wesley Y. Leonard and Haley De Korne — 8 papers on language reclamation and revitalisation

These publications have made a substantial contribution to open-access literature on  endangered languages, as illustrated by our current access rate of over 5,000 downloads per month.

In the past 12 months we received 18 submissions for Language Documentation and Description. Of these, three were published, six rejected after review, one accepted subject to revisions, and eight are currently under review. Two book proposals are also being considered.

We are currently working on several upcoming publications, including Language Documentation and Description Volume 15, and Language Documentation and Description Volume 16, a Special Issue edited by Candide Simard presenting new research on the Sylheti language.

All our publications are free to download under a Creative Commons CC-BY-NC (Attribution-NonCommercial) licence and are published at no cost to authors. Tom Castle, a professional designer and artist, designs and does the layout of our academic publications, and David Nathan developed and maintains our online catalogue system.

We are supported by Lauren Gawne who co-edits the Language Contexts series, four Consulting Editors (Gerrit Dimmendaal, Jeff Good, Lenore Grenoble and Anthony C. Woodbury) and an international Advisory Board. We are grateful for their support over the last three years. We also wish to thank the following who acted as referees on submissions in the past year: Jocelyn C. Ahlers, Edward Barrett, Josep Cru, Gerrit Dimmendaal, Lise Dobrin, Mike Franjieh, Setsu Fujishiro, Lauren Gawne, Jeff Good, Cathy Grant, Brent Henderson, Nathan Hill, John Hobson, Kendall A. King, Brook Lillehaugen, Barbra A. Meek, Mairead Moriarty, Gerald Roche, Racquel-María Sapién, Lameen Souag, Eugenie Stapert, Hiroyuki Suzuki, Nicolas Tournadre, Mark Turin, Nadezhda Vinokurova, Anthony C. Woodbury, and several others who wish to remain anonymous.

Peter K. Austin
David Nathan
Julia Sallabank
EL Publishing Founding Editors

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