Diyari language blog birthday

In about a month, on 15th February 2022, the Diyari language blog, which aims to support the Diyari language spoken in northern South Australia, will be nine years old. To date, the blog has had 18,635 visitors and 36,632 page views. There has been a gradual build up over the years, leading to 2021 having over 4,000 visitors and over 6,300 views:

The highest month so far has been August 2021 with 1,176 views:

Visitors to the blog come from all over the world, with the largest number being from Australia, as might be expected. The most popular post by far (with 10,725 views since it was published in August 2018) remains Ngayani Australiamara, which presents a Diyari translation of the chorus of the popular song ‘I am Australian’, written in 1987 by Bruce Woodley and Dobe Newton. There seems to be keen interest in this song in Diyari, and other Australian Indigenous languages (see also this version in Yawuru from Broome in Western Australia).

We are planning a series of new posts in coming weeks in the lead up to the blog’s ninth year of existence, so please visit and support the Diyari language blog!