Developments at EL Publishing, and LDD 19

At EL Publishing we have introduced a number of new developments designed to improve access for readers to our journal articles and books:

  1. The website front page has a new box at the top giving direct access to all our publications by:
    • Volume number
    • Article title
    • Author name
    • Search of all the content in all articles and books
  2. from our next journal issue, Language Documentation and Description Volume 19 (LDD 19), Language Snapshot and Language Contexts articles that discuss languages spoken in countries where English is not a national or dominant language will have summaries (abstracts) in both English and the local lingua franca. For LDD 19 this includes Spanish, Portuguese, French, Nepali, and Tok Pisin. We hope this will make an overview of each article available for interested local communities and individuals, and is intended as a step towards multilingual publication. We are working on plans to publish full journal articles in languages other than English.
  3. we have adopted a policy of “publish on acceptance” for journal articles, rather than holding papers for an annual volume to be published in July-August. A list of forthcoming articles currently accepted for LDD 19 is now on this website page. They will be available for download from 15th December 2020. The 10 accepted papers are:
    • Gerald Roche. The colonial transformation of songs and multilingualism in Tibet
    • Joseph Pentangelo. Kanien’kéha (Mohawk) (United States and Canada) – Language Snapshot
    • Gabriela García Salido & Michael Everdell. Southern Tepehuan (Durango & Nayarit, Mexico) — Language Snapshot
    • Chris Rogers. Iñapari (Peru) – Language Snapshot
    • Sebastian Drude. Aweti (Brazil) – Language Contexts
    • Marvin Maximo Abreu. Southern Alta (Kabulowan) (Philippines) – Language Snapshot
    • Naomi Peck. Kera’a (Arunachal Pradesh, India) – Language Snapshot
    • Karthick Narayanan & Hima S. Rokdung (Sikkim, India) – Language Snapshot
    • Hannah Sande. Guébie (Côte d’Ivoire, Ivory Coast) – Language Snapshot
    • Samantha Rarrick. Sinasina Sign Language (Chimbu, Papua New Guinea) – Language Snapshot

As usual, we welcome comments and feedback on our publications by email, as detailed on our Contact page, or leave a Comment on this post.

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