Language Documentation and Description Vol 15 published

EL Publishing is delighted to announce the publication of its 15th volume of Language Documentation and Description, edited by Peter K. Austin and Lauren Gawne. LDD 15 contains seven papers (totalling 207 pages) and includes four papers in the Language Contexts series (all on languages spoken in the Pacific). All the papers have been double-blind peer refereed and are available as full open access under a creative commons licence.

The papers in this volume are:

  • Florian Siegal — The syntax and semantics of quantification with bari and barita in Taimyr Dolgan
  • Sally Akevai Nicholas — Language Contexts: Te Reo Māori o te Pae Tonga o te Kuki Airani also known as Southern Cook Islands Māori
  • Dineke Schokkin — Language Contexts: Paluai, also known as Pam-Baluan (Papua New Guinea)
  • Eleanor Ridge — Language Contexts: Vatlongos, Southeast Ambrym (Vanuatu)
  • Derek Nurse — Documenting language shift and loss: Bajuni in Somalia
  • Julie Barbour, Kanauhea Wessels & Joe McCarter — Language Contexts: Malua (Malekula Island, Vanuatu)
  • Timothy C. Brickell — Linguistic fieldwork: perception, preparation, and practice

Over the past year, Language Documentation and Description received 26 submissions, of which 7 were accepted for publication in this volume, 11 are being edited for a future Special Issue, 3 are awaiting revision and re-submission, 3 are currently under review, and 2 were rejected after review. We are grateful to the following colleagues for their support in refereeing submissions this year: Edward Barrett, Juliane Boettger, Jessica Cleary-Kemp, Gerrit Dimmendaal, Lise Dobrin, Mike Franjieh, Setsu Fujishiro, Emily Gasser, Jeff Good, Cathy Grant, Brent Henderson, Nathan Hill, Jeanette King, Brook Lillehagen, Robert Mailhammer, Mairead Moriarty, Kilu von Prins, Sonja Riesberg, Gerald Roche, Candide Simard, Lameen Souag, Eugenie Stapert, Hiroyuki Suzuki, Nicolas Tournadre, Atsuko Utsumi, Nadezhda Vinokurova, Søren Wichmann. We also thank Tom Castle for design and layout work, and David Nathan for cataloguing, and web site development and maintenance.

We are currently working on two forthcoming volumes, to be published in 2019.

2 thoughts on “Language Documentation and Description Vol 15 published”

  1. Good work. I love the previous volumes. However, I wish to submit an ongoing research on Màda, an endangered language of the Benue-Congo family. Màda is spoken predominantly in Nasarawa State, Nigeria, West Africa. You may kindly furnish me with relevant information to enable me prepare a paper for the next volume. Many thanks.

    S.N. Baba

    1. Samuel — thanks for your interest in our journal and your positive comments. The instructions for submitting a paper can be found here. Please consider submitting on any of the topics listed, or in the Language Contexts series. Best wishes, Peter Austin

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