LDD19 additional papers online

Ten new papers have been added to Volume 19 of Language Documentation and Description and are now available for free open access download. They join the 10 articles uploaded in December 2020, and complete the volume.

The additional articles discuss languages from Asia, Africa, and South America. For the first time, we are publishing in French (Language Snapshot on Barain, from Chad) and Spanish (Contextos de lenguas on Sáliba, from Colombia and Venezuela). The articles in English have abstracts in Urdu, Punjabi, Sunam, Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian and Spanish.

  • Qandeel Hussain Dawoodi (Pakistan) – Language Snapshot link
  • Shakir Ullah, Qandeel Hussain & Uzma Anjum Mankiyali (Pakistan) – Language Snapshot link
  • Qandeel Hussain Punjabi (India and Pakistan) – Language Snapshot link
  • Joseph Lovestrand Le baraïn (Tchad) – Language Snapshot link
  • Andreas Hölzl Bala (China) – Language Snapshot link
  • Yustinus Ghanggo Ate Kodi (Indonesia) – Language Snapshot link
  • Alexander Rice Northern Pastaza Kichwa (Ecuador and Peru) – Language Snapshot link
  • Jorge Emilio Rosés Labrada & Hortensia Estrada Ramírez Sáliba (Colombia y Venezuela) – Contextos de lenguas link
  • Shigeko Shinohara & Qandeel Hussain Ikema Miyako (Japan) – Language Snapshot link
  • Harvinder Kumar Negi Sunam (Kinnaur, India) – Language Snapshot link

LDD Volume 20 is currently in preparation with six papers already accepted and five under review. We welcome submissions to this 2021 volume that deal with research on:

  • any aspect of the theory and practice of language documentation, language description, sociolinguistics, language policy, and language revitalisation, with a focus on minority and endangered languages;
  • detailed information on the Language Contexts in which languages or varieties are spoken, providing social and cultural information, such as about speaker populations, social organisation, cultural aspects, linguistic ecology, multilingualism, language vitality, and language use and transmission in the community, diaspora and cyberspace;
  • compact Language Snapshots of one or more languages or varieties, with up-to-date key data on language facts and speakers, and current research activity.

We accept submissions in English, French, and Spanish. All papers are subject to double-blind peer review, and are published free open access under a Creative Commons licence. You can contact us via this web page.

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