More Tatar Easy to Read books

In a guest post published in September, Dr Sabira Ståhlberg discussed her approach to writing and reading in minority and endangered languages. The team has now prepared three new books in Tatar that will be coming out in January 2021; their titles in English are “Philip in the tunnel”, “Philip at the airport”, and “Philip and the fog”. They are in the final round of editing and will be available for download early in the New Year.

The publisher, Bokpil, has also started YouTube channels in Swedish and English. More videos will appear at the beginning of 2021, along with the first Finland-Swedish Easy to Read audio book. From March, they will have a Mishär Tatar language channel with audio books, interviews etc. As soon as the books are finished, the Tatar team will start preparing the audio files — relevant links will be posted on the Bokpil website.

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